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The energy of your thoughts and feelings affects how well you function, how good you feel and how people react to you.

The vast majority of thoughts and feelings are not in our conscious awareness, but they strongly affect how we experience the world. Other people respond to this energy even when they do not directly perceive it.

It is possible to work directly with the energy of your feelings to make changes in your life. You can release repressed feelings, have greater presence, improve relationships and improve how you are perceived.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

There's Nothing Romantic About Energy Vampires

Psychic Vampires steal energy from others rather than blood. You have probably been the victim of a psychic vampire, for most of us have experienced encounters with certain people that drain us.

Far from being an evil schemer, the psychic vampire is usually a weak person whose own ability to generate energy is impaired or underdeveloped. The practice of tapping others' energy is detrimental to the vampire's growth over the long run.

Psychologist Joe Slate, PhD. writes about this phenomenon in Psychic Vampires. Slate has studied psychic vampirism at Athens State University in Alabama. Though the name sounds dramatic, the practice of psychic vampirism is very common. Slate discovered through questionnaires that a significant number of people admit being energized by interactions with others. It is the energy dynamic that comes with certain psychological dynamics such as codependence.

Most surprising to me is Slate's discovery that many energy vampire attacks are deliberate and that the person coopting another's energy often had imagery of an energetic channel connecting them to the host's energy. This is consistent with what is experienced by those who can perceive energy and the shamanic belief in energetic cords between people.

Slate's Kirlian photos of human energy fields showed the effects of psychic vampirism on the victim and the vampire. If you think you are a victim of this kind of energy theft, you can take steps to protect your energy. Do not be too afraid, for energy vampires are not all that powerful once you know what you are dealing with. They steal energy from a position of weakness.

Garlic is not much use against the psychic vampire, but strengthening the energy field is of great advantage. This can be done by simple intention. As with most energy work, it is very easy, but may require some practice for good results.

Simply imagine your aura or energy field around your body like a cocoon of light. If you intend to see it intuitively, this mental picture will show you areas of weakness, but if you find this difficult, simply imagine you are strengthening your energy field.

Picture your energy field around your body an imagine it expanding when you take a breath and contracting when you exhale. Imagine energy circulating in this field. Increase the speed at which this energy circulates until it is fairly brisk and feels comfortable. Your intention actually moves your energy, so if you begin to feel that it is moving uncomfortably quickly or slowly simply imagine it circulating at a speed that feels good to you.

Imagine your energy extending around your body in a consistent field about 2 feet larger than the physical body. Imagine energy circulating and filling in any blank or broken spots and creating a strong field. Do this practice daily for five or ten minutes morning and night and see if you notice an improvement in your energy levels throughout the day. Dynamic energy does not easily allow other people's intrusions.

It can help to picture an outer boundary of bright light around the energy field if you feel the need for further protection. If you are in a relationship with an energy vampire, you may want to see an energy healer to help you bolster and conserve your energy.

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