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The energy of your thoughts and feelings affects how well you function, how good you feel and how people react to you.

The vast majority of thoughts and feelings are not in our conscious awareness, but they strongly affect how we experience the world. Other people respond to this energy even when they do not directly perceive it.

It is possible to work directly with the energy of your feelings to make changes in your life. You can release repressed feelings, have greater presence, improve relationships and improve how you are perceived.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Define Your Boundaries

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Good relationships involve people respecting each other's individuality. This involves honoring one another's boundaries. Personal boundaries are physical, mental and emotional.

When someone stands too close to you, you feel uncomfortable. Your definition of "too close" is likely to be different for different people and probably varies a little from day to day. The amount of personal space you require to feel comfortable is an energetic boundary. Those who can perceive auras or energy fields can tell how much space an individual needs by how much space that person's energy takes up.

By using your intention, you can reinforce this personal energy boundary. Try simply being aware of your energy boundary. It is around your body at about the distance you would expect a stranger to keep. If you are around people who do not respect your boundaries, try planting an imaginary hedge outside your personal boundaries. This hedge should have beautiful flowers (it should be a friendly way of saying "respect my space.") and roots that reach down into the center of the earth. This hedge will catch any energy of trespass and neutralize it.

Mental and emotional boundaries are the limits of what an individual considers to be acceptable behavior. Where do you draw the line about how people treat you? Generally, you should set your limits where you are comfortable. If you are uncomfortable when someone tells an off color joke, then that should be something people refrain from doing in your company.

People with healthy boundaries will take themselves out of situations in which others trespass their limits, or they will politely request that others honor their boundaries. Those who are used to having their boundaries trespassed are more likely to allow the behavior and tolerate their own discomfort. If your boundaries are not healthy, you may need to practice setting them where you will be comfortable.

Healthy boundaries might keep out such behavior as people yelling at you or telling you how you should think. They might limit what sort of language others use in your presence.

Talane Miedaner sees healthy boundaries as critical to attracting the things you want in life. In her book, The Secret Laws of Attraction she presents especially good advice for setting healthy boundaries, and urges readers to set them as broadly as possible.

How do you know when you have set your boundaries too wide? When you keep out people you want close to you, you may have set your boundaries too wide. Or, you may need new friends if those people make you uncomfortable!

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