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The energy of your thoughts and feelings affects how well you function, how good you feel and how people react to you.

The vast majority of thoughts and feelings are not in our conscious awareness, but they strongly affect how we experience the world. Other people respond to this energy even when they do not directly perceive it.

It is possible to work directly with the energy of your feelings to make changes in your life. You can release repressed feelings, have greater presence, improve relationships and improve how you are perceived.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Are You Visible?

Woudn't it be fun to have an invisibility cloak like Harry Potter? Many of us have learned to be invisible energetically. It is not as dramatic as the invisibility cloak but it can be as useful.* It can also be annoying when we want to catch the waiter's eye or need a Geek Squad member to point out the correct cable.

I actually do show up in photos, as you can see from my profile, but people tend not to see me. Along with a number of my clients and friends, I got into habits of projecting my energy (or not projecting it, really,) that make me unnoticeable.

Young introverts who are not given enough of their own space often learn to put on an energetic invisibility cloak. People who grew up with angry parents or abusive siblings, often learn to blend into the woodwork to survive.

As a child, I discovered that being invisible allowed me to finish a chapter before picking the beans. In middle school, my son did not like all eyes on him, so he learned to be quite unnoticeable so the teacher would call on someone else.

Those who perceive subtle energies see a big difference between those who are visible and those who do not get noticed. There are also very subtle differences in posture between the two. Other people notice, subliminally, the change in the way you project yourself, It is quite easy to change this energy.

Visible people are fully in their bodies. This allows their energy to be bigger and brighter. Other people respond to this energy even though they are not aware that they perceive it.

Try this if you have difficulty getting the salesclerk's attention. Take a breath and become aware of your hands and feet. Then move your attention around to be aware of your entire body all at once.

Feel yourself centered in the core of your body and breathe from your belly, but normally (you don't want to be noticed for hyperventilating.) Just briefly, imagine energy circulating through your entire body and shining around you like a halo. Stand up straight.

I recommend practicing at home a few times before taking your visibility on the road. You should see a big difference right away.

This energy posture is also good when you need to project authority as when meeting with subordinates or asking offspring to take out the trash.

*Dr. Richard Bartlett in his book The Physics of Miracles, suggests that you can learn to become literally invisible, but I have not seriously tried his technique. What I offer here is practical for every day use.

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